I don't need a blog, but I made one anyway.

$ git commit -m "First post."

I’m following this summer’s Development Seed team trend of personal website relaunches powered by Jekyll. This is after several abandoned attempts over the past year or two involving Drupal, WordPress, and sNews. Like most other things I do these days, this blog is powered by Ubuntu, Vim, Git, Inkscape, GIMP, and FontSpring.

I’ve also decided to retire the meagre portfolio that used to lived here and instead just include a few of my favourite pieces as starter content. They are all intaglio prints from my days (and nights) in the Georgian College SDVA print studio.

2007, Apparatus, 18"x12"

2008, Obstructure, 12"x18"

Off Air II
2008, Off Air II, 18"x12"

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